Barhi Dates

Barhi (Barhee) date palm is one of the finest date palms and is characterized by its high yield. The tree has heavy trunk of medium height, leaf bases are broad. The fruit stalks are wide, long and heavy. Barhee is preferred by many consumers worldwide due to its high yield and affordable prices.

Barhi dates are nearly cylindrical, light Amber to Dark Brown. When ripe, soft, with thick flesh and rich flavor and superb quality. The Barhi Date is the sweetest and softest of all dates. These dates are large and round. These dates are also called as "Honey Balls"The Barhi dates can be harvested at the "Khalal" stage (partially-ripe) when they are yellow and at the fully-ripe "Rutab" and "Tamar" stages, when they have much greater levels of sugars, lower moisture and tannin content.

Barhi Date palms produce between five and twenty bunches of dates per tree. A single large bunch may contain more than a thousand dates, and can weigh between 8 - 15 kg.

The Dates are formed only on the female date palm, and each female flower must be dusted/pollinated by hand, with pollen from the male date palm flower. During the Kimri stage, or green stage, the dates are small and hard. In the Khalal stage, the dates begin to turn Yellow (or Red depending on Variety). As the intense May to August heat hastens ripening, we cover the dates with cloth or paper bags, to prevent birds from pecking them and shed any summer rain. Barhi dates will be delicious at Khalal stage, crunchy like an apple. We sell them at our Farm Gate, while fruit is still on the strands or on whole bunches.