Sri Sai Dates Farm is currently developed in a 6 acres area located in Ulavapalle village, Which is about 12 KMs from Jammalamadugu town and 21 KMs from Proddutur town in Kadapa (Cuddapah) district in Andhra Pradesh State, INDIA. Nearest Railway Stations are Muddanur and Yerraguntla. Our Farm is well connected with bus facility from Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore (Via Jammalamadugu/Proddutur).

We are specialized in growing and selling high quality Barhi (Barhee) dates. We sell the fruit direct from the palm to you with just water washing; and no further processing of any kind; no fumigating them with methyl bromide, as most imported and commercial dates are; no preservatives of any kind - We sell a completely natural fruit.

The Dates fruit has four stages:
1. Kimri [ Green and Hard ]
2. Khalal [ Yellow and Crunchy ]
3. Rutab [ Amber and Soft ] and
4. Tamar [Dark Brown and Dry ]

We sell natually grown fresh dates in the Khalal stage itself. Dates fruit enter the Rutab stage when the tip of the date first begins to soften, turning Amber or Brown. We also sell Dates in Rutab stage with only specific pre-paid orders with an advice to the customers to refrigerate as soon as possible. When fully Rutab, the dates are their softest, sweetest, and most delicate stage.

Harvesting Dates usually starts every year around the July to August. Fresh dates compose of soft, easily digestible flesh and simple sugars like fructose and dextrose. When eaten, they replenish energy and revitalize the body instantly. For these qualities, they are being used to break the fast during the Holy month of Ramadan since ancient times.